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Why come to the LCC

Our experts are based at LCC and work at top London NHS centres. Dr Malik, Professor Mayet and Professor Peters are committed to providing a quality personalised service.

Private Cardiology

The London Cardiovascular Clinic is a leading private cardiology clinic that offers personalised and expert cardiovascular treatment for a diverse range of symptoms. London Cardiovascular Clinic offers a complete private cardiology treatment with onsite non invasive laboratory.


Our Private Cardiologists expertise covers the breadth of Cardiovascular Medicine, from the assessment of common symptoms such as chest pain, palpitations, high blood pressure and shortness of breath to the treatment of very complex cardiac problems.

London Cardiologist

If you require further London Cardiologist treatment or onward referral to a different medical sub-specialism, the London cardiovascular clinic is ideally located within a short walk of many of the world’s leading private health-care providers. For a London Cardiologist see here for details of our location and how to contact us.

Private Cardiologist

Our cardiologists Dr Mayet, Dr Malik and Professor Peters are experienced Private Cardiologist Consultants based at St Mary’s Hospital and Hammersmith Hospitals, part of Imperial College Healthcare NHS trust.

Heart Screening

The government has now set in motion a vascular health check program for all. The question is, who exactly benefits most, and how you screen. If you already have some risk factors, you should certainly be screened for all the others including Heart Screening. Cardiovascular risk multiplies (not just adds up) as the risk factors increase.


If someone in your family is in need of a Cardiologist for heart treatment, you should contact The London Cardiovascular Clinic at once. The London Cardiovascular Clinic has some of the best Cardiologists in London at work to improve the heart conditions of patients in and around London.

Private Echocardiogram

An echocardiogram is normally used to look at the heart pumping function, look for narrowing or leakiness of the valves. Private Echocardiogram can also be used to check for fluid around the heart, signs of infection within the heart and on the heart valves (Endocarditis) or to see if there are any perforations or holes in the membranes.

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Thank you Prof Peters for taking on my case on Friday evening, great to hear the procedure went well. And thanks to your team for the leg work on a short notice, that enabled that happening. We're now home and re-charging, after a very very long week

Mr PA (July 2015), London

2.5 years on and Nick's ablation is still going strong.  You have no idea how grateful I am to him.

Mr AD (Feb 2015), London

Professors Peters and Mayet. May I thank both of you for the timely, professional and comprehensive tests you have undertaken. I feel greatly more confident in dealing with my situation as a result. Once again my thanks. 66 Harley Street is an impressive and effective operation.

Mr M. (July 2014), London

I would also like you to pass on my thanks to  Professor Mayet  for the incredibly full and comprehensive reviews which were so conscientiously conducted over the past couple of weeks. I was particularly struck by the highly respectful and non-patriarchal approach, which provided a marked difference from many of my encounters with Harley Street consultants!

Ms W. (July 2014), London

My thanks to you and to Prof Mayet for your excellent work on my behalf this last week, and for getting the results to me so quickly. We were really impressed with your whole service!

Mr M. (Feb 2014), London

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