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Science Museum “Lates” August 2012

Dr Malik takes part in an evening of entertainment organised by the Science Museum, London. The theme of the evening was the treatment of MI/heart attack and Dr is shown in his role as Interventional Cardiologist using Angioplasty to treat a blocked Coronary Artery. The Story very nicely shows the patient journey, from onset of symptoms to follow up and discharge post procedure. The film is courtesy of London Consortium ( and was filmed by Paul Craddock (

Dr Malik takes part in live coronary stenting at EuroPCR conference.

At the recent multinational cardiology conference EuroPCR in Paris, Dr Malik acted as an expert operator at the invitation of colleagues from Madrid, Spain. He flew to Spain, and the operations were transmitted live to Paris. Two challenging cases involving patients whose bypasses had failed were shown. Both patients  did well with stenting of their coronary arteries, and the conference was a great success. Dr Malik is an expert interventional consultant cardiologist. Should you wish to make an appointment to see him. Please call us on 0207 436 0669


Big Heart Bike Ride: Jordan

Cycle from Jerash to Petra via the Dead Sea to raise much needed funds for the heart charity of your choice.

The Big Heart Bike Ride is a very special and unique event. It is open to people of all ages and from all walks of life who will come together to do something amazing. It will be life-changing in many ways, for you the individual, who will achieve your own personal challenge and for a number of heart charities who will benefit from the funds raised by the challenge. The Big Heart Bike Ride in Jordan entails five days of consecutive cycling for a distance of around 350kms from Jerash to Petra via the Dead Sea. It will be a challenging ride that is achievable with plenty of training beforehand. The friendship and the camaraderie along the way however will be amazing. The Big Heart Bike Ride in Jordan is an open challenge so you can choose how you fund your participation. You can either raise a minimum sponsorship target  (£2,800) and the heart charity you choose will fund your tour costs (£1,300) or you can self-fund your tour costs and then fundraise (or make a personal donation) to your chosen heart charity.

If you have any questions about the Big Heart Bike Ride in Jordan or need further information please contact the Dream Challenges event team on 01590 646410 or by e-mail:

Big Heart Bike Ride 2013

Dr Malik: BMJ Masterclass

Dr Malik recently presented a lecture to 400 doctors at a British Medical Journal Masterclass on Cardiovascular Risk Factors. See the movie here….

Movie kindly supplied with permission by BMJ. Upcoming BMJ Cardiology event: – Thursday 23rd February 2012, anyone is interested in learning more or registering for the event please go to