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Dr Malik conducts live ASD closure

Dr Malik does a “live” ASD closure.
Atrial Septal Defect Closure with an umbrella device is used more often than open heart surgery to close holes in the heart. This was a filmed case from 2014.
The case was not straightforward but the final result was excellent and the patient is very well 1 year later with a near normal heart.
If you are a patient that may need this procedure then watch and several happens whilst you are asleep.

Live Case: Assessing Coronary Narrowings.

Dr Malik demonstrates the new technique of iFR (instanteous wave free ratio) to assess coronary narrowings. This is based on physiology rather than anatomy, and may help save patients from unnecessary angioplasty or bypass surgery. This technique was developed in the labs at Hammersmith Hospital, Imperial College, London. See the whole case from start to finish.