Dr Malik: heart attacks in young people

The Express online recently featured Dr Malik in an article about the cause of heart attacks in young people.

Dr Malik said, “While heart attacks are the leading cause of death in men aged over 45 and tend to affect older people, they can also appear in young people”.

Causative factors can include clotting abnormalities which can clog the arteries; a tear in the artery wall; high cholesterol related to familial hypercholesterolaemia; drug use, particularly cocaine; extreme dieting or a very sudden /excessive increase in exercise.

Dr Malik continues, “Survival rates for heart attacks are improving, but anyone who suspects a heart attack should seek emergency medical attention immediately to minimise damage to the heart. Don’t think it is just indigestion and ignore it. It might be a fatal mistake.”

Read the article here.


Posted on 07 June 2019
Author: Dr Iqbal Malik

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