Car fumes and Heart Disease…

A study published in the BMJ recently looked at the association between air pollution and the risk of heart attacks. This epidemiological study looked at the clinical data with regard to heart attacks and the link with data taken from the national air quality archive. There was a staggering 80,000 heart attacks in the 15 chosen areas within the three years in question. The results showed that higher levels of air polution “seem” to be associated with myocardial infarction. However, the study points to the fact that although there is no increased risk of MI, there may be some sort of trigger effect or “short term displacement”. The nature of this effect is not stated. It is clear that air polution is not good for us, this is not new news but i d bet a lifesytle of smoking, poor diet and inactivity would be much more likely to increase your risk of MI

Posted on 09 December 2011
Author: LCC
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