Dr Malik co-chairs Emerging Structural Technology (EST) Symposium

Structural Heart Disease (valves, holes, leaks) is a growth area, and treatment is undertaken by paediatric interventional cardiologists, as well as adult structural interventional cardiologists. The skill set needed is different from coronary angioplasty-the mainstay of work for the adult interventional cardiologist. Cases more variable than the average adult patient with just coronary disease. Education, and learning from your colleagues is vital.

This new meeting brought together Professor Shakeel Qureshi (Evelina Hospital, London), Dr Ziyad Hijazi (Rush University, USA and Sidra University, Qatar) and Dr Iqbal Malik (Hammersmith Hospital and Imperial College, London) to chair sessions on:

  • TAVI
  • Mitraclip
  • PFO and ASD closure
  • LAA closure
  • Paravalvular Leak Closure
  • Pulmonary valve interventions
  • PDA closure
  • VSD closure

A lively audience of high volume operators contributed to a highly educational meeting over three days, sharing experience, discussing complications, and reviewing emerging technologies. The small and  interactive nature of the meeting added value beyond that found in attending large scale venues such as the main European and American Cardiology Society Programs that occur annually.

Dr Malik hopes that this meeting will become a recurrent and “must-do” event in the cardiology calender.

Posted on 21 August 2014
Author: LCC

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