Dr Malik was invited to attend the BCS 2016

  1. Session on Kawasaki Disease. This is a rare condition that affects children but can have lifelong consequences. It needs careful management if the heart has been affected. http://www.bcs.com/ProgrammeSessions/session_details.asp?SessionID=3455037
  2. Acute stroke intervention. It is less of a debate on if it should be done now- in 2016 it SHOULD be done. However, who should do it is under debate. Dr Malik argues that there is a pool of 24/7 on call doctors that are used to dealing with vascular emergencies and can be easily trained to do stroke intervention, They are called cardiologists. The other group that could do it are neruoradiologists. And indeed they could do it very well. However, there are just not enough of them! http://www.bcs.com/ProgrammeSessions/session_details.asp?SessionID=3454949
Posted on 03 June 2016
Author: LCC
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