Dr Malik live streams PFO ASD and TAVI cases to Dubai

Dr Malik beamed “Live from Hammersmith Hospital” to CSI Dubai, an international structural heart meeting. Two fascinating cases were done.
He said:
“It was an privilege to show these challenging cases.
One patient had both a PFO and an ASD. A single Occlutech Figulla device closed both holes. Let’s hope her stroke risk in now lower.
The other patient had a degenerating aortic valve replacement. There were leaks inside the replaced valve and around the sewing ring. We closed the paravavular leak in the sewing ring with an Occlutech PLD and the placed a new Edwards TAVI valve inside to old valve to finish our work.”
Dr Malik will upload slides summarising these cases soon.
Posted on 30 April 2017
Author: LCC

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