Dr Malik speaks about Sir Mick Jagger

Dr Malik spoke about the recovery to expect for Sir Mick Jagger after he had urgent surgery for Aortic Stenosis.
The treatment was TAVI (TAVR in the USA) which can be done under local anaesthetic and without large cuts in the chest.  It is interesting that TAVI was chosen rather that Open Heart Surgery. Two recent trial show that even in lower risk patients, TAVI now has comparable outcomes to Aortic Valve Replacement Surgery.  Almost certainly it was done as recovery is so much faster.
Dr Malik leads the TAVI program at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust at the Hammesmith Hospital, and also at The Wellington Hospital.
TAVI is going to be the standard of treatment for Aortic Stenosis for an increasing number of patients. However, surgery is going to remain the best treatment for younger, fitter patients and those needing additional procedures and multiple valve treatments.
Posted on 13 April 2019
Author: Dr Iqbal Malik

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