GP Cardiology Refresher-Clementine Churchill Hospital June 2012

Dr Malik and Dr Chris Jenner (a senior GP in Harrow) ran an educational day recently. All areas of cardiology were covered, with case histories used to illustrate both common problems, and complex situations.
Dr Malik ran a similar day last year, and is involved in GP, undergraduate and post-graduate medical education. The presentations are available for anyone to download (click the tittles below). Dr Malik would like to thank those who attended, and, of course, the lecturers and hosts.

1. Malik Intro TAVI PFO ASD Appendage Closure ACS talks Refresher Harrow 2012
2. Jenner Cardiology Refresher 2012
3. Lim arrhythmia refresher Harrow 2012
4. Interpreting Echo Reports
5. malik chest pain and HF refresher 2012
6. Peters CRT ICD who Refresher Harrow 2012
7. AVR AOC refresher 2012 debate





Posted on 18 June 2012
Author: LCC
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