How much radiation do cardiac tests give me?

Dr Malik says: “We will pick the best test for you. All are safe. If you are worried about radiation doses – don’t be.”

A dose can be measured in Seiverts.
A 1000 microSeiverts (uSv) makes a milliSeivert (mSv) and a 1000 mSv makes a single Seivert.
Usually we quote in milliSeiverts (mSv).

Ultrasound based tests and MRI scans have no radiation involved.
A CT calcium scan provides about 1 mSv, which is similar to the radiation from a mammogram.
A CT Coronary angiogram ranges from 2 to 7 mSv.
Nuclear medicine stress tests ranges from 4 to 10 mSv.

The average person receives about 3 millisieverts (3 mSv) of background radiation per year from natural sources.

Posted on 01 September 2019
Author: Dr Iqbal Malik
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