Journal Scan 5 – Stent choice in patients with diabetes, steroid use and heart disease.


The choice of stent in a patient with diabetes favours routinely eluting stent over a non medicated bare metal stent, but which one?

This study of 22000 patients from previous trials analysed again en mass, suggests there are differences in between the stents in terms of re-narrowing, but not death or heart attack rates. They suggest that everolimus eluting stents (Xience) were the most efficacious and safe, although no single trial can or will ever confirm this.




If you use regular steroids, you may be at risk of heart disease.

1% of the uk population use medicinal steroids orally or by injection. Two thirds may have significant signs and symptoms of steroid excess- Cushings syndrome. If they do, the risk of cardiovascular disease is 4x higher in this study of over 300 patients compared to over 3000 non steroid users taken from a general practice database. It would pay to ensure all your risk factors are under control! Stop smoking, have your blood pressure and cholesterol checked.

Posted on 23 August 2012
Author: LCC
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