Muamba discharged from Hospital

The remarkable recovery of Fabice Muamba continues. Yesterday it was announced jointly by the London Chest Hospital and Bolton Wanderers  Football Club that Muamba had been discharged from the London Chest where he has been since suffering a cardiac arrest midway through a game on 17th March.

It is understood that he has been fitted with  an ICD (implantable defibrillator), a device which will sense life threatening arrhythmia and administer a shock to restore the heart to its natural beat. You can find out more about ICD’s by clicking here

Further to this story another footballer passed away midway through a game in Italy. Livorno midfielder Piermario Morosini, 25, was playing against Pescara in a Serie B game when he fell to the ground on Saturday. It is understood he suffered a cardiac arrest and it was not possible to resuscitate him. Click here for the full story

Posted on 17 April 2012
Author: LCC
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