New blood test to detect signs of heart damage

“Women may be different to men!”  That is old news. But this new study spots a biologically plausible difference that could improve the chance of survival after a woman has chest pain.

1. Sensitive blood tests to detect a heart attack have now got super sensitive. High sensitivity troponin I (hsTi) is now recommended as one of the best.

2. Women have a lower normal level than men. This study suggests therefore using a lower threshold to declare it ABNORMAL in women will diagnose more heart attacks

3. What is NOT yet proven is that this improved diagnostic ability WILL save lives. It makes sense that it will, but a big study is underway to prove it

4. This test might allow earlier rule out of a heart attack so you go home quicker

If you are worried about chest pain consult your doctor urgently.

Posted on 22 January 2015
Author: LCC
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