Syncope session at the European Society of Cardiology in London Aug 2015

Dr Lim is the clinical lead for the Imperial Syncope Diagnostic Unit, based at Hammersmith Hospital where approximately 700 tilt table tests are performed each year. He has recently been invited to speak about his experience in managing patients with dizziness, syncope and blackouts in London at the European Society of Cardiology Conference based in the Excel centre in London.

The focus of this talk was on the clinical history, initial investigations, and diagnosis, and set out a step-wise management strategy in patients with syncope. Key elements of his talk were the importance of detailed history taking in making a diagnosis of vasovagal syncope, and some of the more innovative work in treatment of severe cases of vasovagal syncope, which he has an active research interest in.


Posted on 09 September 2015
Author: LCC
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