The 5:2 Diet

Dr Malik is recommending the 5:2 diet. This means calorie counting on Mondays and Thursdays and eating more normally (but sensibly) on the other days. The health benefits may go beyond the heart, but if you want some weight loss, an improved biochemical profile and to get healthier, exercise alone will not be enough. We all take in so much food that unless we become Olympians we may not be able to burn it off! Control of intake has to be part of the plan. 600 calories on calorie control days is tough. Keep up the fluids and check with the doctor 1st that it is safe for you to diet like this. If you are on diabetic medication this diet MAY NOT be for you, but your doctor will advise you. If you want to stave off diabetes, then this diet IS for you.

Posted on 25 March 2013
Author: LCC
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