The Annual Advanced Cardiovascular Intervention (ACI) Meeting

Dr Malik and the Imperial Simulation Team were honoured to open the annual Advanced Cardiovascular Intervention (ACI) meeting in January 2015. After a large and long research project at Imperial College, St Marys Hospital, we have produced a very realistic simulation of a disaster scenario, to train and assess catheter lab personnel, including, but not focussed on the cardiologist.

You would not want to be in a plane if the pilot had never practiced an emergency landing. Why is it that cardiology teams do not routinely practice emergency scenarios? Mainly because the technology, and more importantly the immersive scenario (providing a very realistic feel) was not available.

Dr Mark Gunning and the team from Stoke were filmed handling an emergency in a patient with heart disease. Don’t worry! The “patient” is an actress. Mark is very experienced and produced a textbook display (as I would expect).

If you and your team would like to come to train, please contact Dr Malik ( With thanks to the rest of the team: Fernando, Tanika, Emmanuel, Charis, Matt, KL and Mohammad, not forgetting Norma, our “patient”.

Imperial College Cardiology Training Programme from SiMMS Imperial on Vimeo.


Posted on 29 January 2015
Author: LCC
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