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24 Hour Ambulatory ECG

24 Hour Heart Monitor Ambulatory ECG

Ambulatory ECG recording allows the Cardiologist to analyse your heart rhythm for a period of anywhere from 24 hours to one week. This will allow the cardiac team to determine if any rhythm problems, such as atrial fibrillation, are present, and so allow treatment to be planned appropriately.

What happens during a Holter monitor test

The Holter monitor is the size of a mobile phone and attaches to your chest via three leads. The monitor can sit in your pocket hang around your neck. You will be asked to keep a diary of any symptoms you experience during the recording period. The recording is designed to sample you normal active daily living so you will be encouraged to go about your normal routine. It can be removed to shower, and you will be shown how to put it back on.

Irregular beats on a Holter monitor.

Results of Holter Monitor Test

The Holter monitor records all of your heart beats in every 24 hours, over 115,000 if your average rate is 80 bpm. It takes a little while to go through this data to establish if the rhythm is normal. A report will be produced and your consultant will explain the findings to you.


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