24 Hour Ambulatory ECG Holter Monitor: Private Test

Find out what ECG Holter monitoring is, who needs it, what the test involves and how our cardiologist specialists interpret the results. If we diagnose you with a condition, you’ll get a personalised treatment plan to get you back to your old self. Our patient-centred approach helps you feel relaxed and reassured throughout – choose cardiologists that care and want the best for you. Let’s improve your quality of life.


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What is ambulatory ECG Holter monitoring?

The holter monitor is a lightweight device that you wear. Ambulatory ECG recording allows a cardiologist to analyse your heart rhythm for a period of anywhere from 24 hours to one week – ‘ambulatory’ simply means moving.


Irregular beats on a Holter monitor.

Who needs ambulatory ECG Holter monitoring? 

If you’ve got abnormal fluttering, skipping beats, dizziness or pains in your chest, and a routine Electrocardiogram (ECG) hasn’t identified a problem, a 24 hour ambulatory ECG Holter monitor test is recommended. These could be symptoms of Atrial Flutter or Atrial Fibrillation. Don’t worry if you’re diagnosed – our cardiologist specialists will create a personalised treatment plan to get you feeling better quickly.


What happens during a Holter monitor test?

The Holter monitor is the size of a mobile phone and attaches to your chest via three leads. Please note the following points.

  • The monitor sits in your pocket or is hung around your neck. 
  • You will be asked to keep a diary of any symptoms you experience during the recording period. 
  • The recording is designed to sample your active daily living, so you will be encouraged to go about your normal routine. It can be removed to shower, and you will be shown how to put it back on.



Results – what do they mean?

The Holter monitor records all of your heart beats in every 24 hours, over 115,000 if your average rate is 80 bpm. It takes a little while to go through this data to establish if the rhythm is normal, but a report will be produced as quickly as possible, and your cardiologist specialist will explain the findings to you.


What are the next steps?

If you are diagnosed with a cardiac condition, we will create a personalised treatment plan to either provide a cure, or relieve your symptoms and restore your quality of life. 


How do I book the test?

Either give us a call, e-mail or fill out our simple contact form to arrange your consultation with London’s top cardiologist specialists

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As we’re a private clinic, your appointments work around you. You’ll soon have the answers you need so you start enjoying life again. 

Worried about palpitations?

If you have symptoms of palpitations, (also known as an arrhythmia), we recommend a longer term ECG monitor, such as a 24 Hour Holter, 48 Hour Holter or 7-day event recorder. These could help rule out other conditions, such as Atrial Flutter and Atrial Fibrillation




Our 24 hour ambulatory Holter monitoring tests are covered by most private medical insurance policies, but please contact your insurance company prior to your appointment to obtain your pre-authorisation code to speed things up.


Our price list is available on request and is on display in our waiting area. For an estimation of costs please get in touch.


Why choose London Cardiovascular Clinic?

  • We offer a patient-centred approach, so you’ll feel looked after and have all your questions answered 
  • Choose from our flexible appointment times and get seen at your convenience
  • Personalised treatment plans
  • Get consultancy & treatment from London’s top cardiologists – each with their own special interests
  • You’ll experience a much more welcoming and relaxing experience at our private clinic than you would elsewhere
  • Video resources to help you further understand your condition and the procedures involved



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