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Reveal LINQ™ Implant Device

What is a LINQ Device?

This investigation, if required, is performed at an alternative provider (not in-house).

A LINQ device, is a self contained cardiac device as small as a USB stick.  It is implanted under the skin and remains there long term. It is smaller than any other device as is a great way to assess intermittent symptoms.  LINQs are commonly used for patients who experience fainting or sporadic palpitation symptoms.

Having an Linq device implreveal-linq-in-body-375anted

It is implanted with a very minor surgical procedure under local anaesthetic, just below the collarbone. It takes about 5 minutes, with no sutures. It can remain in that position for anything up to 4 years. If you have one of your episodes of collapse, or palpitations, then it will be recorded by the device. The device can be analysed via a radio link to the computer and the exact pattern of the heart rhythm, immediately before and during your episode of collapse can be analysed. This allows the cardiac technician and cardiologist to make a precise diagnosis and plan your treatment appropriately. This can be done remotely from anywhere in the world.

What happens after having a LINQ Device implanted

If a heart-rhythm related cause of your symptoms is found, the consultant may recommend therapy based on the exact cause. If your heart rhythm can be ruled out as a cause of your symptoms, the consultant can focus on other potential causes.


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