Reveal LINQ™ Implant Device: Private Procedure

Learn what a reveal LINQ™ implant device is, why you might need one and what the device fitting involves. This fast and almost painless procedure monitors your heart rhythm for the long term, so you’ll soon get to the bottom of your irregular heart rhythm or blackouts! Book your consultation today.

This investigation is performed at One Welbeck Heart Health, where we all also work.

What is a LINQ™ device?

A LINQ™ device is a self-contained cardiac device that’s around the same size as a USB stick. It’s a great way of assessing intermittent symptoms and is implanted under the skin for long-term heart rhythm monitoring. You may need the device implanted if you commonly experience fainting or sporadic palpitation symptoms. 

Having an LINQ device implreveal-linq-in-body-375anted

Fitting a LINQ™ device is a quick and (almost) painless minor surgical procedure. It’s performed using local anaesthetic and takes no longer than 5 minutes. The device will be fitted just below your collarbone, where it may remain for up to 4 years.

How does it diagnose me?

If you have an episode of collapse or palpitations – it will be recorded by the LINQ™. The device is connected via a radio link to the computer, so the exact pattern of your heart rhythm can be analysed. Your cardiac technician and cardiologist use this information to make a diagnosis and plan your treatment. The beauty of the LINQ™ is the results can be recorded remotely from anywhere in the world.


What happens after having a LINQ™ Device implanted?

If a heart-rhythm-related cause of your symptoms is found, your consultant may recommend medical therapy. If your heart rhythm can be ruled out as a cause of your symptoms, your consultant can focus on other potential causes.


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As we’re a private clinic, we can offer you flexible appointments. Book the device fitting at a time that works best for you, and you’ll soon have answers for your unexplained blackouts or heart palpitations.




Private reveal LINQ™ device fittings are covered by most private medical insurance policies, but please contact your insurance company prior to your appointment to obtain your pre-authorisation code. This helps to speed things up.


Our price list is available on request and is on display in our waiting area. For an estimation of costs please get in touch.


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