Dr Malik: TCT 2016 Conference

Dr Malik, performed two live cases for the international TCT cardiology meeting this week, with Dr Justinimage1 Davies.

They demonstrated the use of advanced imaging and physiology techniques to help make angioplasty even better than it is. The cases went well, broadcast to one of the main arenas in Washington DC.

Dr Malik said: “We have an expertise in assessing and treating Coronary artery disease. Sometimes the safest thing to do is keep on the tablets and not have stents or surgery. If stents are needed, then it can often useful to look inside the artery with ultrasound, rather relying on just the X-ray angiogram. I do this routinely in my practice”

Coronary Angioplasty PCI

Posted on 07 November 2016
Author: LCC
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