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Cardiovascular Health Screening

We are leading London specialists in Health Screening


Prevention and early diagnosis are key to avoiding cardiovascular disease. We offer basic and executive health screens however we also tailor our service to your circumstances.

Cardiovascular Health Screening services

Our group already offers cardiovascular screening to professional football organisations and are used to dealing with athletes. We would aim to offer the service most suitable for you.

During your consultation the doctor will discuss which tests are important in your particular case. We believe in a patient centred approach and therefore only advice tests which are of value to you.

 What you can expect from cardiovascular health screening at LCC.

  • Consultation with a world class cardiologist for as long as is necessary-usually 30-40 minutes
  • Physical examination by the doctor
  • On-site non-invasive tests allowing us immediate access to results.
  • Follow up with the consultant cardiologist with test result on the day.
  • Access to specialist tests through our preferred providers.
  • Advice on lifestyle and minimising risk factors.
  • A personalised report with action plan.
  • Most importantly; ample time and opportunity to discuss your health concerns

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