Insured Patients

For those who have private medical insurance, your insurance company can give you a pre-authorisation code to ensure you can receive treatment. Simply contact them before your appointment to make sure you have access to this. It is important to note that we will invoice the insurance company directly on your behalf, but you are responsible for the payment. This means that should your insurance fail to cover the amount of your medical bill, you will be liable to pay the remainder.

You should get in touch with your insurance company to confirm your circumstances and entitlement in regards to benefit. Ideally, you should do this before any consultations.

If you don’t have private medical insurance, you will be seen as a self-funding patient and responsible for all costs. Please get in touch to see our price list, which can also be found in our waiting area.

Self-Funding Patients

We kindly ask that if you are a self-funding patient, you settle your account on the day of your consultation. If you have obtained a letter of guarantee, we will ask that you leave a copy with the PA. On request we can provide estimated costs for you.

Medical-Legal Cases

Unfortunately, we do not deal with any medical legal work.

Repeat prescriptions

We can issue repeat prescriptions for your cardiac medication but we do ask that all requests are made in writing to us. Often errors can be made via telephone and fax, so to ensure your safety and that you receive the right cardiac medication, we deal with repeat prescriptions via written requests.

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