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Dr Malik helps to shape the future of TAVI valves

I was at the LONDON VALVE 2023 recently to help shape the future of TAVI. Here are my main takeaways.

TAVI (transcatheter aortic valve implantation) is becoming the procedure of choice for treating aortic valve stenosis over the age of 70, and one of the main manufacturers, Abbott , managed to get a large number of UK medical professionals into one lecture theatre to discuss the procedure! 

I was impressed with the faculty – the great and good of UK structural heart intervention. We shared ideas, built expertise and collaborated to help improve patient outcomes worldwide.

Key takeaways

  • We discussed what we wanted for the next generation of TAVI valves, including:
    • Less risk of pacing
    • More deliverables
    • Smaller devices
    • More data on durability – can it last more than 10 years?
    • Data comparing this Navitor valve from Abbott with surgery (as the Edwards and Medtronic companies have already done)
  • We all shared our concerns about the increasing NHS waiting lists
  • We discussed mitral valve repair also – this is even further behind in the UK thanTAVI!

I recently did 8 TAVI procedures on the NHS in just one week – and still, the list won’t reduce! The burden of the backlog is on all our shoulders. And my centre, Hammersmith Hospital, has one of the shorter lists! 


Get seen quickly

If you need TAVI quickly, I can’t recommend my private practice enough. We take a patient-centred approach, so you’ll be seen quickly and professionally, with appointments that work around you.

Symptoms to watch out for

TAVI is a lifesaving treatment. If you have severe symptomatic aortic stenosis, you need urgent assessment and treatment.

Watch out for:

  1. Chest pain
  2. Breathlessness
  3. Dizziness or blackouts

Take the first step

Whether you’ve got symptoms of aortic stenosis and need further investigation or you’ve already been diagnosed with the condition, book your consultation with me today for life-changing treatment. Get the quality of your life back.

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Posted on 19 December 2023
Author: admin@twk
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