How We Helped Amy Recover From Her Stroke Back To Full Health

Learn how Dr Malik helped Amy recover from her stroke and go back to full health. She’s now happy, healthy and fully active! 


Amy’s had a very good recovery and kindly agreed to have the procedure filmed.

Watch her journey below.


Amy Jones is an Instagram influencer who had a PFO closure at One Welbeck Heart Health with Dr Iqbal Malik – who leads the NHS Structural Heart Service at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust.

Dr Malik says: “We decided to close the PFO, and Amy agreed for it to be filmed to help other people who were due to have the procedure. We used a Cocoon device. It went well and Amy is now back to full health and fully active! I am very grateful for her help in making this video”


First, Amy had a thorough series of investigations to diagnose the cause of her stroke.

What were the results?

The Bubble Echocardiogram showed she had shunting of the microbubbles of the right side of the heart across to the left side. Even spontaneously at rest. Amy’s stroke appeared to be caused by the PFO (Patent Foramen Ovale) – a flap valve in the heart that is also present in 25% of healthy people. This meant Amy was suitable for a PFO Closure to significantly lower the risk of another stroke.

A straightforward procedure

The team made Amy feel comfortable and relaxed throughout the investigations and procedure.

When she woke up, Dr Malik told her: “The procedure went really well. As straightforward as a PFO closure can go really! The tunnel was really quite small, so I’m hopeful that in 2 weeks’ time, the button will have really sealed up and the bubble study will be negative. Then we can forget about the PFO and get on with life.”

Amazing aftercare

When Amy got home from her procedure, the friendly specialist nurse Helda gave her a call to make sure everything was okay. Amy told her she had a bit of pain, and Helda reassured her that soreness in the throat and groin are expected, as well as some minor palpitations. This made Amy feel very at ease knowing her recovery is on the right track. We offer full support after you leave the clinic, which our patients really value.

Back to full health

Fortunately, Amy did really well and only 2 weeks after the procedure, we confirmed with a repeat bubble echocardiogram that she was fully fixed!


Before a PFO


After a PFO

2 weeks after the procedure, there are no longer any bubbles: at rest, with a sniff, or even with a strong Valsalva (straining). Amy is now happy, healthy and fully active without having to worry about her PFO.

Have you got a PFO?

If you have a PFO and want Dr Malik’s help, visit our Contact Us page and make an enquiry today. Join Amy and get the quality of your life back!

Posted on 17 April 2023
Author: Dr Iqbal Malik
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