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24 Hour Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring

Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring

Having your blood pressure taken in clinic is a well validated method to assess hypertension. However, this can sometimes be falsely high-so called “white coat hypertension”. A 24 hour ambulatory blood pressure monitor is used to get a better assessment of hypertension, as it enables cardiologists to assess blood pressure during the patients daily activity – leading to more accurate results.

What happens during a Blood Pressure Monitoring Test

A blood pressure cuff is fitted to your arm. It is connected to an automated inflating device which records the blood pressure every half an hour during the day and every hour at night. When you return the monitor, the readings are analysed to give a day-time, night-time and 24 hour average for your blood pressure.

A report from a 24 HR BP monitor.

What happens after a Blood Pressure Monitoring Test

The blood pressure monitor records your blood pressure every 20 minutes. The data will be downloaded when the monitor is returned. A report will be produced and your consultant will explain the findings to you.

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