Private Medication For Heart Conditions

Dr Malik explores some of the possible medication you can take for the heart.

Medical therapy is the term used in medicine to describe the prescription of drugs to manage a specific diagnosis or set of risk factors. The market is constantly changing with new developments driven by a multi-billion pound pharmaceutical industry.

Do I need medical therapy?

In deciding what course of treatment to take the cardiologist will need to perform a thorough investigation of your presenting condition and it will be necessary to consider the following:

  • The nature and the severity of your symptoms/condition
  • Other underlying disease or co-morbidity
  • Age
  • Family history
  • Overall health

It is likely the cardiologist will undertake various testing most commonly ECG, Echocardiogram, Holter monitoring and frequently a functional exercise test.

What drugs are available and what do they do?

Risk lowering therapies Anti Anginals Blood Pressure Treatment Heart Failure Treatment Rhythm management 
Asprin Beta Blockers ACEI/ARB Diuretics BetaBlockers
Clopidogrel Calcium Channel Blockers Calcium Channel Blocker Digoxin Digoxin
Prasugrel Nitrates Diuretics BetaBlockers Class I, III, IV drugs
Ticagrelor Nicorandil BetaBlockers ACEI/ARB Anti-coagulants
Fibrates Ivabradine Aldosterone Blockers Aldosterone Blockers Amiodarone
ACEI/ARB Ranolazine Alpha Blockers
Statins Central Drugs


Private Medication For Heart Conditions