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Medical treatment


Medical therapy is the term used in medicine to describe the prescription of drugs to manage a specific diagnosis or set of risk factors. The market is constantly changing with new developments  driven by a multi-billion pound pharmaceutical industry.

Do I need medical therapy?

In deciding what course of treatment to take the cardiologist will need to perform a thorough investigation of your presenting condition and it will be necessary to consider the following:

  • The nature and the severity of your symptoms/condition
  • Other underlying disease or co-morbidity
  • Age
  • Family history
  • Overall health

It is likely the cardiologist will undertake various testing most commonly ECG, Echocardiogram, Holter monitoring and frequently a functional exercise test.

What drugs are available and what do they do?

Risk lowering therapies Anti Anginals Blood Pressure Treatment Heart Failure Treatment Rhythm management 
Asprin Beta Blockers ACEI/ARB Diuretics BetaBlockers
Clopidogrel Calcium Channel Blockers Calcium Channel Blocker Digoxin Digoxin
Prasugrel Nitrates Diuretics BetaBlockers Class I, III, IV drugs
Ticagrelor Nicorandil BetaBlockers ACEI/ARB Anti-coagulants
Fibrates Ivabradine Aldosterone Blockers Aldosterone Blockers Amiodarone
ACEI/ARB Ranolazine Alpha Blockers
Statins Central Drugs


Medical treatment